Welcome to Breath Evolution

Dedicated to teaching the art and science of breath awareness and breath control
for enhancing the human body, mind and spirit connection.

Our courses offer a natural remedy for stress, anxiety and insomnia, and provide tools for achieving increased energy, clarity, balance and self-awareness.

We look forward to connecting with you.

New to breathwork?

We can’t cure the world’s external chaos, but we can cultivate your inner peace.  The moment you begin practicing breath awareness, you will begin to gain control of the mind.

A regular breathwork practice will help you reach your full potential by reducing negative emotions such as anger, fear, frustration, depression and  dysfunctional habits or patterns that are inhibiting your true nature.  We work to restore your breathing system to function at an optimal level.  Once you are breathing fully and freely, healthy and naturally, your breath automatically becomes a therapeutic tool.

We teach breathing techniques scientifically proven to accelerate performance, increase productivity, improve communication, boost confidence,­ enhance focus, alleviate stress, eliminate anxiety and reduce fatigue.

Your breath is the solution you’ve been waiting for.





Breath Evolution evolved from founder, Natalie Chaponnel’s own healing journey. After fifteen years of yoga practice and exploration of many different healing modalities, she discovered the transformative power of breathwork and has never looked back.  Fascinated by the art and science of breathing, it is Natalie’s dream is to teach all she has learned to anyone ready and willing to do the work.

Breath Evolution is dedicated to teaching breathwork as a tool for personal transformation. We combine the very best breathing techniques from breath masters around the world, which have been proven to enhance the human body, mind and spirit connection. It is our mission to help you restore the full, free, healthy and natural function of your breathing system and provide you with breathing techniques and tips which you can integrate into your everyday life to optimise your health and wellbeing.