10 ways breathwork changed my life

Our founder shares some of the many benefits she has experienced through her daily breath-focused practice.

Breathwork is a powerful practice that will benefit your mind, body, and soul. I have personally used breathwork to get clarity on questions and situations, create space for emotional and physical healing, heal muscle pain and other physical wounds, and relieve stress and anxiety. Whilst it is possible to feel the benefits of conscious breathing after only a few minutes of practice, the effects of a regular breathwork practice are cumulative and therefore most profound when practiced on a daily basis.

Breathwork has become the foundation of my self-care routine – my breath is always there for me, as a tool to immediately transform my physical, emotional or spiritual state – no matter where I may find myself.  Here are the top ten ways that a daily breath-focused practice has changed my life!

1. I no longer hide from the truth, or the world

If you’re willing to let go enough, breathwork will help your mind quiet down and give you access to your body. In my body I found a world of pain from all the times I had betrayed and abandoned myself, but I also found the wisdom of my soul, and it was from this place I knew it was safe to stop hiding. Shame, guilt, fear and self-loathing no longer control me or limit my life experience. And when they do rear their ugly heads, I have been blessed with the tools to transform them.

2. I learned to love myself

If you had told me that I would learn to love myself by breathing I would have laughed. I would probably also have told you that I do love myself, and I would have been lying to you, and to myself. Breathwork connected me to the truth that I am lovable just as I am. It allowed me to let go of my mind enough to see the false beliefs I was holding onto and show me the truth about who I really am. It opened my heart to the beauty already living inside me.

3. Chronic neck and back pain have disappeared

Breathwork has been used for centuries as a way of relieving pain. Think about it — when a woman is in labor what do the nurses encourage her to do? Breathe. The lessening of chronic pain through breathwork happens as a result of breathing techniques which can physically influence the nervous system – this is the network that sends the signal of pain to our brain. Breathwork has become my number one tool in learning to gain control over my body, and to heal both temporary and chronic pain.

4. I have greater mental clarity

Not only has breathwork helped me shrug off mental fog when it inevitably arises, but it also helps guide me through questions and problems which I am seeking guidance on. During daily breathwork sessions, I am able to visualise solutions to questions and problems and acknowledge, accept and release any associated emotions. This is an incredibly powerful aspect of my daily practice, particularly in turbulent times such as these. My practice is where I receive the answers from within, rather than struggling to find them elsewhere.

5. I have reduced the effects of stress and anxiety on my day to day life

Breathwork is often used as a way to combat stress and anxiety. When we are stressed, our body experiences a fight or flight response during which our breathing becomes shallow and we stop using our full lung capacity. By engaging in regular breathwork training, we exercise our respiratory muscles, resulting in greater oxygen flow to all areas of our bodies. And because controlled breathing is an instant relaxer, the increased flow of oxygen physically reverse signs of stress in the body, such as associated hormones and tension.

Not only do I now know how to recognise the signs of stress and anxiety in my body when they arise, I am able to respond to these signs with effective tools to combat stress and anxiety – effectively increasing my body’s overall resilience to stress.

6. I have strengthened my body-mind connection

Even as a dedicated yoga practitioner, with a busy life I found that I was often moving through the world not really tuning into how my body was feeling. With many daily distractions I didn’t often think about what I could learn by checking in to my body when I was off the mat, unless I were to receive a pain signal. The benefits of breathwork continue outside of the practice, focusing me on what my body is doing, and how it’s feeling, from moment to moment. I find that practicing breathwork has been the most powerful tool I have used to develop a better relationship with my body.

7. I feel more connected to Spirit

Breathwork is a great tool for heightening body, mind, and spiritual awareness and has helped me stop acting out of ego and forge a deeper connection to both my true self and those around me. Through breathwork, my connection to Spirit has deepened. I have been through some incredibly challenging experiences, and the practice has given me the opportunity to discover my worth, how courageous I am, and that I am supported. As I begin to trust that I am a co-creator with the Spirit, I believe in myself more and continue to release limiting beliefs.

8. I trust my intuition

Breathwork has helped me tap into my essence more deeply, instinctively teaching me more about myself and allowing me to trust my gut feelings and intuition.Breathwork has given me the opportunity to slow down, relax, and listen to what my subconscious has to say. Pressing pause and listening has revealed insights previously unheard. My practice has also allowed me to open up to the intense range of emotions that inevitably come through. I find that the physical aspect of breathwork makes for a very visceral experience, amplifying the experience of self-exploration.

9. I sleep better

Breathwork has slowed me down, so that I can listen to my body’s signals and regulate my nervous system within minutes. This is a great way to send a message to our overworked brains and bodies that we are ready for sleep. An evening practice deepens our state of relaxation and facilitates a deeper sleep state, and specific techniques can be called on to quiet a racing mind.

10. I have healed past traumas

Because trauma is cellular, increased blood and oxygen flow boosts the body’s natural process for healing. When used in conjunction with an intention, breathwork has helped me dive deep into my past experiences and work through traumas and blockages I had been experiencing. In this aspect, breathwork can be a highly emotional experience.

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10 ways breathwork changed my life

Our founder shares some of the many benefits she has experienced through her daily breath-focused practice.