Our approach

You already have all the answers within you, you just have to ask the right questions and search in the right places.

Breathing is a fundamental human function, when you pay attention to your breath, you bring connectedness to your mind and body. You come home to yourself. Breathing opens up new opportunities, possibilities, pathways and doors, breeding curiosity in yourself and the world around you.

The breathing system in most people is not functioning at an optimal level.  We need to heal it by restoring our breathing capacity and correcting dysfunctional habits or patterns that inhibit our true nature and full potential. Once our breathing is full, free, healthy and natural, it automatically becomes a therapeutic tool.

We believe that the journey of breath work is simply to come back to the basics and learn to trust the wisdom of our bodies again. When we are able to use the breath to consciously relax, we find a space of safety in the body with which the body knows intuitively what to do. In other words, breathwork offers us the opportunity to create the conditions for healing to happen.

We encourage you to feel into what each technique does for your particular body and transform your life by bringing more awareness to your breath throughout the day.

As breath stills our mind, our energies are free to unhook from the senses and bend inward.
– B.K.S. Iyengar

The journey

During this journey we learn to flow back and forth between the active and passive, the being and the doing, between breathing the breath and letting the breath breathe us.


Be the breath

Cultivate a relationship with your breath, turn your awareness to the breath by watching it, feeling it, let the breath breathe you.  You learn about your breathing patterns and recognise where your breath is focused and where it may be stuck.  Becoming conscious of the tensions in your body, we work to optimise muscle activity by understanding the dynamics of breathing.


Breathe the breath

Re-wire the nervous system by regulating the breath.  Breathing in creative ways you can energize, relax and balance the nervous system to instantly change your state of consciousness.  We encourage you to get creative and build tools which you can integrate into your everyday life, whether it’s before a meeting, when feeling anxious, or helping you get to sleep or to wake up.


Beyond the breath

Train deep relaxation into your system, building your resilience, toning your autonomic nervous system and creating the capacity to relax in intensity.  Combining full, free breathing and complete relaxation with great awareness is the secret that leads to the most empowering and enlightening benefits in breathwork.  This is the door to peak, flow or transcendental states.