Free breathwork sessions

Experience the natural healing power of your breath

Our free taster sessions offer creative ways to use our breath to achieve specific results.

By regulating the breath we can impact the nervous system to energise, relax or balance body and mind. In just 20 minutes, you will experience the immediate, powerful effects of the breath via ancient pranayama techniques and modern, scientifically proven breathing exercises which transform your state of being.  You will also become aware of any sub-optimal patterns which are inhibiting you from reaching your full breath potential.

Each breath sequence is energetically sequenced to move you toward a specific mental or physical goal – such as reducing stress, anxiety and physical tension, boosting energy, focus and memory, or achieving a state of relaxation and equanimity. We get creative and build tools which will help you in your everyday life.  Integrate our tips and techniques before a meeting, when feeling anxious, or to help you get to sleep or to wake up.