Breath Workshops

Online workshops

Harness the full potential of your breath by understanding the dynamics of breathing and breath control via ancient pranayama techniques and modern, scientifically proven breathing exercises which transform your state of being.


Saturday 06 March @ 10am GMT

Cultivate a relationship with your breath. 

In this workshop you will learn about your breathing patterns and recognise where your breath is focused and where it may be stuck.  Becoming conscious of the tensions in your body, we work to optimise muscle activity by beginning to understand the dynamics of breathing.


Saturday 13 March @ 10am GMT

Regain control of your life and your breath.

In this workshop you will learn the art and science of breathing via breathing techniques which connect body and mind – enabling you to manage stress, increase energy, increase physical and mental performance, alleviate pain, improve health and enhance happiness.


Saturday 20 March @ 10am GMT

Train deep relaxation into your system. 

In this workshop you will learn to combine full, free breathing and complete relaxation with great awareness is the secret that leads to the most empowering and enlightening benefits in breathwork.  This is the doorway to peak, flow or transcendental states.

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